ANTagonist is a game where you must protect your picnic from invading ants.

The more food you have, the more ants are attracted to it.  These ants will try to steal your food.  Protect your picnic by shooting ants and returning any food they attempt to steal.  Returning food will reset your health.

Return 3 plates of food to the blanket and get a free power-up!

The game is over when you lose all your food or all your health.

Note: ANTagonist starts out fast a furious and only get harder from there!  The best strategy is to return food to use power-up.  Ants are attracted to the power-ups and you can use this opportunity to regroup, kill some ants, and return some food.

This game was developed for Ludum Dare 40 during December 1 - December 3, 2017.  The theme was "The More You Have, The Worse It Gets".

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